Maries Kneedable Soft Putty Eraser
The Art Eraser is a Special-Purpose & Cleaning Eraser which Easily Lifts off & Removes Traces of Pastel, Graphite & Charcoal This High Quality, Smudge-Free Eraser offers you Ideal Support when Working with Chalks, Charcoal & Pencils Particularly Easy to...
Faber Castell Kneedable Eraser ( In Plastic Case )
Ergonomically shaped quality eraser for soft corrections, which is smudge and PVC-free. This eraser is extremely kneadable and absorbent. It can be used for cleaning slides, and final drawing touch-ups. Ideal – This eraser is ideal for graphite and coloured...
Mono Zero Eraser Round 2.3 mm
"MONO zero" is a high-precision eraser for pinpoint erasing. The unique and precise design combining the MONO eraser's high-performance and beautiful finish, to change the concept of detailed erasing.
from Rs.800
Pentel Retractable Clic Eraser
Retractable Clic Eraser with rectangular shape barrel
Mono Zero Eraser Flat 2.5 x 5 mm
A high-end model of the internationally long-selling "high-precision holder eraser MONO zero" with improved design and luxurious touch.
from Rs.950
Sakura Nocks Eraser ( pen type ) and refill
The Sakura Retractable Eraser Pen features a highly effective eraser for detailed and accurate erasing. Presented in a convenient pen style holder with a comfort grip barrel. You can also shape the tip with a craft knife. PVC and Latex...
from Rs.450
Kneedable Eraser China ( Putty Rubber )
Art drawing kneadable eraser. Soft for sketch corrections
Milan Automatic Jet Eraser Holder ( pen type )
Automatic eraser holder with plastic eraser for erasing pencil strokes from any surface. Round, measuring 7 mm in diameter x 12 cm in length. Available in assorted colours: yellow, grey, blue.
  • Black
  • Yellow
  • Blue
Cretacolor Putty Kneaded Eraser ( Plasticine )
The extra-soft kneading rubber is essential for lightening or correcting chalk, charcoal or graphite work. By dabbing and wiping vigorously, he absorbs the dust into his mass while protecting the drawing paper. Dirty parts can simply be plucked out. The kneading rubber can...
Lyra Kneedable Eraser, Soft Putty Rubber
This putty rubber block is ideal for removing all traces of charcoal and chalk from large surfaces. Ideal for erasing or lightening charcoal, chalk and pastel drawings, it can be easily shaped and leaves no smudges on the paper. The...
Milan Bag with 5 spare erasers for JET ERASER ( refill )
Spare erasers for the JET ERASER automatic eraser holder. Plastic eraser for erasing pencil strokes from any surface. Round, measuring 7 mm in diameter x 12 cm in length.
Cretacolor Artist Eraser Caramel, Kneedable Putty Eraser
Thanks to its high absorption capacity, this artist eraser is ideal for removing and smudging on charcoal drawings, graphite and dry artist material. Erasing without pressure on the surface of the paper is easily possible.
Derwent Battery Operated Eraser
Offering precision and speed the battery operated eraser is just what you need to correct small areas of work quickly. Requires 2 x AAA batteries (not included).
Sold Out
Kneedable Eraser ( In Plastic Case ) ( China )
The extra soft kneaded eraser is essential for lightening or correcting chalk, charcoal or graphite work.By vigorous swabbing and wiping it takes the dust in its mass and thus saves the drawing paperContaminated parts can be easily plucked out.For Correction...
Daler Rowney Soft Putty Eraser, Kneedable
This is a soft, kneadable putty eraser. It can be moulded to a fine point for stippling chalk, pencil, charcoal and pastel drawings. It does not wear out or smudge. 
Cretacolor Battery Operated Eraser
The battery-powered eraser guarantees precise, fast erasing, is economical and easy to use. With the eraser, lines can be refined and small areas can be worked on. The durable eraser is easily replaceable.
Milan Kneadable Eraser ( Putty Eraser )
Kneadable non-vulcanised synthetic rubber eraser with a strong absorption capacity. Suitable for Fine Arts and charcoal and graphite lines. Clean erasing, without shavings. Individually wrapped. Instructions for use: select a part of the eraser andseparate it from the rest, forming...
Pentel Hi Polymer Eraser ( Ex large size )
The eraser that’s bigger than all the rest! High-quality, latex-free eraser removes lead easily and cleanly with very little pressure No smudges, no paper tears and no ghosting Can be cut into smaller shapes of any kind Doesn’t harden or...
Sold Out
Derwent Eraser Pen
Accurately corrects errors and adds highlights without leaving smudges. Gets into all the tough little corners. PVC and latex free. Non-toxic. ...
from Rs.495
Sakura Nouvel Soft Putty Eraser, Kneedable
Sketch Eraser NER-100 Single-block Plastic Eraser
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