Shark Craft Glue ( 4 sizes )
Shark’s ‘White Craft Glue’ is available in multiple packaging. From corporate usage to daily activities, Shark’s got you covered.
from Rs.80
Silico Liquid Silicon Glue
Silicone liquid has characters of an all purpose, easy operating and high adhesive Glue. It's widely applied to rubber eva, carton, fabric, wood, cardboard, canvas, foam, cork, and paper, etc.
from Rs.150
Glue Gun Rod
from Rs.48
Glue Gun Rod
Clear Flexible hot melt adhesive sticks suitable for use in hot melt glue guns. An amber, general purpose adhesive for bonding wood, metal ceramics and some plastics. Can be used on porous substrates such as foam and fabric. Ideal for...
from Rs.48
UHU The All Purpose Adhesive Tube
Do not use at temperatures below +5°C. Materials to be glued must be clean, dry and free of dust and grease. When glueing plastics or metal, better results can be obtained if the parts to be stuck together are slightly...
from Rs.60
Stickoo Glue Tube
Stickoo Glue (tube) is a reliable and effective adhesive which is ideal for school projects, office, arts & crafts, model-making, zarri, clothing adornment and much more! It bonds paper, cardboard, fabrics, beads, wood, ceramics, leather, cork, metal and many other...
from Rs.49
Shark Liquid Glue 50 gr
Liquid Glue. Easy to use & reliable. Easy to apply to any type of paper. Safe, Clean & Washable Glue Stick. Ideal for School office & Home.
Sakura Quickie Glue Pen ( Pin Point Roller Glue )
The Quickie Glue Pen from Sakura is the ideal glue pen for glueing small objects. Coloured blue when wet but dries clear and dries in approximately 90 seconds. Use wet for a permanent bond, dry for a temporary bond. For...
Samad Bond Tube
The first contact adhesive based on polychloroprene developed by SRW. Ideal for bonding of shoe material, leather, wood, rubber, plastic. Adhering fabric to metal and other nonporous materials.
from Rs.120
Stickoo Power Glue Elfy
A single component adhesive that bonds almost all closed fitting smooth surfaces in seconds. It requires no mixing, no heating, and no clamping. This adhesive contains no solvent, has low toxicity, mild odour and is non-flammable. Ideal for bonding of...
from Rs.175
Pelikan All Purpose Liquid Glue 50 ml
Innovative all-purpose glue.  50 ml, solvent-free formulation. Application area: Wood, Glass, Paper, Cardboard, Cork, Styrofoam
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Water Glue Double Tip 45 ml
Liquid glue for school and office use. Twin tips for all applications. 45 ml bottle
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