Silk Paint Seta Silk 70 ml
Seta silk is a thin flow able water based paint. Technically this is a paint, but a paint so thin it acts very much like a dye. For silk and all natural untreated fabrics.
Silk Paint Marabu 50 ml
Water-based silk paint, fixed by ironing. For all techniques of silk painting and for all silk qualities as well as thin cotton fabrics. Brilliant, intensive colors. Soft to the touch and very good flow properties. Washable and suitable for dry...
Silk Gutta (Contours and Effects) Marabu Outliner 25 ml
Water-based contouring agent for painting contours and effects on silk in combination with silk. The colored contours & effects are washable and cleanable after fixing. The colorless contour agent is washed out after fixation. For application directly from the liner container, with a...
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Rozita Silk Gutta (outliner)
The seta silk water based guttas can be used on all types of silk; the colors are air dry in 30 minutes. The water based guttas are fixed by ironing 3 to 4 minutes on the reverse side of the...
Round Sponge Foam Brush Set for Painting, Drawing, Stippler Tools for Kids Graffiti DIY Painting, 5 Different Sizes
Suitable for stencil painting with acrylics, watercolors, varnishes. Set includes 5 different sizes: 5 cm, 4 cm, 3 cm, 2 cm, 1.5 cm. Durable foam with lightweight wood handles.
Rozita Lead Tube for Glass
Rozita Paint glass out liner is a thick glass paint in a tube and is used for outlining areas of glass paint. adding details to a design or creating patterns from dots, lines and swirls. Glass paint out liners combine...
Nevskaya Palitra St. Petersburg Decola Silk Outliner ( Gutta ) 18 ml ( 4 colors )
DECOLA Gutta Outliner for Silk Indelible for Arts and Crafts in 18ml tubes. Made in Russia. Colored liners are intended to prevent mixing of acrylic colors when painting on textile in “cold batik” technique. They are borders between colors. The...
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