Mod Podge Fabric Glue 236 ml
Best Glue for Fabric. It’s the ultimate crafter’s essential! This is the perfect solution for gluing fabrics so that they are durable, washable and tough. Place fabric patches on garments, totes and banners, create decoupage designs and more with this...
Mod Podge Dimensional Magic, Clear ( Carded ) 59 ml
Create faux mosaic, quilt and other textures with added dimension. It’s specifically formulated to dry clear, allow the full color of the surface below to show through and work great with acrylic paint, dyes, pigments and more. The stay-put formula...
Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium ( Card ) 59 ml
Fabulous Mod Podge essential products for decoupage. Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium. Create decals or appliques from any original photo. Use it on hard surfaces or fabrics that you can handwash. Size: 59 ml. Essential Products and Tools for Art...
Mod Podge Glue Starter Set of 5 pc - 59 ml
Mod Podge Starter Pack includes Water Sealer, Glue & Finsh. This Set Sparkle, Gloss, Matte, Outdoor, Paper
Plaid, Folk Art Sparkle Varnish 59ml
Add sparkle to all your craft projects, Can be applies over any acrylkic paint to give a glittery finish. Brush on. For more dramtic effect apply multiple coats. Allow to dry for 1 hour between coats. Clean when wet with...
Plaid, Folk Art Gloss Varnish 59ml
Cover your project with the Gloss FolkArt Finishes - Artists Varnish to seal and protect. This polyurethane sealer is non-yellowing and dries clear for a radiant, glossy finish. Brush on in thin layers for easy control. Add this premium varnish...
Plaid, Folk Art Extender 59ml
When you want to extend the drying time of acrylic paints use Folk Art Extender Medium from Plaid paints. This mix extender will thin your acrylic paints and make more of a transparency or water color look and allows you...
Plaid, Folk Art Blending Gel 59ml ors
Use FolkArt Blending Gel to make your painting journey easier and more enjoyable. This formula extends the life of your paints and allows them to stay wet longer and maintain its thickness throughout the painting of your project. Mix this...
Plaid, Folk Art Antiqiuing medium 59ml , in 2 colors
Give the illusion of weathering and decay using the FolkArt Antiquing Medium in 2 differnet shades. Use on everything from furniture to home decor items and more. The superior quality of this medium works great on porous surfaces and should...
Plaid, Folk Art Frost Effect Finish , 236 ml
Give your next project a frosted look with a layer of FolkArt Frost Effect. This frosted formula is a high-quality cream that dries to a translucent, frosty appearance similar to frosted beach glass. Use on glass, clear acrylic, rigid plastics,...
Plaid, Folk Art Clear Transparent Primer 236 ml
The FolkArt Clear Paint Primer is a flexible, clear primer that will give all your projects a smooth base for painting. This lightweight primer can be used on wood, metal, rigid plastic, ceramics, canvas, paper, and more. Mix this primer...
Plaid, Folk Art Gesso Primer White 236 ml
Gesso primers provide quality basecoats for special surfaces. Use gesso to seal porous surfaces such as heavily grained or dark-knotted wood and unprimed canvas. Use rust-preventive, indoor/outdoor metal primer on new or old, painted, or unpainted metal surfaces.
Plaid, Mod Podge Glow in the Dark Luminescent Water base glue sealer and finish. 4 fl oz 118 ml
For over 50 years Mod Podge has been America's favorite glue, sealer, and finish. Add a glowing touch to your creations with Mod Podge Glow-in-the-Dark. To make your projects glow, simply place your creation in sunlight or indoor light to...
Mod Podge Ultra Matt Glue in Spray 118 ml
Mod Podge Ultra Matte is a pump action/mister bottle of multi-surface all-in-one ultra-strong matte glue and sealer for indoor and outdoor use. A durable, water-resistant and scratch-resistant adhesive, it contains UV protection; ultra-violet light is the most damaging light for...
Mod Podge Ultra Gloss Glue in Spray 118 ml
Mod Podge Ultra is a super strong, non-toxic spray formula that works as all-in-one glue and sealer with a high adhesion level—perfect for adding dimensional design embellishments to your projects. This versatile, water-based formula dries quickly to a gloss finish...
Mod Podge Sparkle Glue 236 ml
The original all-in-one sealer, glue and finish. Perfect for wood, paper, fabric and other porous surfaces such as terra-cotta, plastic, foam and candles. It’s quick and easy to use. As a glue, it dries clear and holds tight. As a...
Mod Podge Paper Matt Glue ( Acid Free ) 236 ml
Mod Podge® Paper is an acid free formula. It is non-tacky and perfect for paper crafts. Still quick-drying for multiple coat build up, Mod Podge® Paper dries clear and holds tight. Cleans up easily while wet with soap and water....
Mod Podge Paper Gloss Glue ( Acid Free ) 236 ml
Mod Podge® Paper is an acid free formula. It is non-tacky and perfect for paper crafts. Still quick-drying for multiple coat build up, Mod Podge® Paper dries clear and holds tight. Cleans up easily while wet with soap and water....
Mod Podge Matt Glue, 59 and 236 ml
Enhance the finish on a wide range of art and craft projects with Plaid Mod Podge. It is a suitable choice for a variety of items, such as fabrics, canvas, paper, wood or other porous surfaces. For an ultra-smooth appearance,...
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Mod Podge Gloss Glue, 59 and 236 ml
Multipurpose, all-in-one sealant, glue, and finish. Gloss finish. Quick-drying for multiple coat build up. Dries clear. Apply with brush or sponge applicator. Dries in approximately 15-20 minutes and can be sanded to a smooth finish. Water-based, non-toxic, made in the...
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