Winsor & Newton Liquin Original ( 3 sizes )
Liquin Original .This reliable favorite is a general purpose semi gloss medium which speeds drying, improves flow and reduces brush stroke retention. Halves the drying time of conventional oil color (touch dry in 1-6 days depending on color & film...
from Rs.2,075
Winsor & Newton Refined Linseed Oil 75 ml & 250 ml
Our most popular oil. A low viscosity alkali refined oil of pale colour that dries slowly. Reduces oil colour consistency. Increases gloss & transparency. Add to other oils to slow drying.
from Rs.1,075
Winsor & Newton Artist Gloss Varnish for Oil Color 75 ml & 250 ml
A superior quality UV resistant artists’ gloss varnish removable with Artists’ White Spirit or Distilled Turpentine. Previously known as Conserve Art Varnish. Quick drying. Non-yellowing. Does not bloom or crack. Do not use until painting is completely dry (6-12 months)....
from Rs.1,795
Daler Rowney Turpentine Oil ( 3 sizes )
Daler Rowney Turpentine can be mixed with your oil colours to create  thin, quick-drying washes. These types of washes are particularly common in underpaintings. You can also used Turpentine to clean your brushes.
from Rs.1,500
Daler Rowney Low Odor Thinner
Low odor thinner, which is a low-odor alternative to turpentine. Dilutes oil colour to create thin,quick drying washes in the early stages of painting. Ideal when working in a confined space or for those artists who find turpentine too strong....
from Rs.1,500
Daler Rowney Dammer Varnish 75 ml
A removable picture varnish. Will give a low gloss when applied thinly. Damar dries hard and clear within a few hours. Removable with turpentine or white spirit.
Daler Rowney Re touching Varnish ( 3 sizes )
Daler Rowney's Retouching Varnish is a versatile varnish that can be used to restore brightness to areas of your paintings that have dried and dulled. Retouching Varnish is reduced with solvents and gives a much thinner top coat than other...
from Rs.1,800
Daler Rowney Artist Clear Picture Varnish 75, 175 & 300 ml
Removable picture varnish. Clear even gloss, which will non-yellow or blooming. Used on both oil and acrylic painting.
from Rs.1,850
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Daler Rowney Oil Brush Cleaner 250 ml
Solvent-free Daler-Rowney Water Washable Oil Brush Cleaner contains natural oils, making it highly effective at cleaning and restoring oil paint brushes. The low odour, non-flammable formula ensures the cleaner is both safe and pleasant to use, in addition to being...
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Daler Rowney Linseed Stand Oil 75 ml
Daler Rowney's Linseed Stand Oil reduces the consistency of oil colours and enhances flow. This medium is viscous and dries slowly to a tough elastic film. It is faster drying than pure Linseed Oil. It also reduces brush marks in...
Winsor & Newton Artist Picture Cleaner 75 ml
Dissolves linseed oil oxidation and will remove surface dirt Natural resin/oil emulsion, designed for cleaning varnished paintings Unvarnished paintings may also be treated with Artists' Picture Cleaner
Daler Rowney Purified Poppy Oil 75 ml
A clear oil to mix with and reduce white and pale colours. Slower drying than linseed oil. Enhances gloss and flow, but too high a proportion retards thorough drying of colour.
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Winsor & Newton Japan Gold Size Adhesive 75 ml
A dark, thin liquid, which acts as a quick drying adhesive for gilding. Can also be used for exterior varnishing. Non removable. Not suitable as a picture varnish.
A low odor solvent which evaporates slowly, increases blending time and is suitable for thinning oil colors and cleaning brushes. Suitable for oil & alkyd color. Well suited to artists who prefer to avoid exposure to turpentine.
Winsor & Newton Oil Painting Primer 500 ml & 1 Lt
A ready-to-use primer in a non-yellowing oil-modified alkyd resin medium. No thinning or stirring is required. Oil Painting Primer can be applied directly to metal or porous surfaces (glue-sized canvas, untreated wood, hardwood, plywood, paper) with virtually no sinking in....
from Rs.4,400
Lefrance (Charbonnel) Japan Gold Size Gilding Adhesive 75 ml
Clear, traditional, natural oil-based size made in France. LeFranc & Bourgeois has acquired an International reputation of being the best oil size available and experienced gilders demand LeFranc for their most important projects. LeFranc size has superior leveling and resistance...
Winsor & Newton Artist Matt Varnish 75 ml & 250 ml
A superior quality UV resistant artists’ matt varnish removable with Artists’ White Spirit or Distilled Turpentine. Quick drying. Non-yellowing. Does not bloom or crack. Do not use until painting is completely dry (6-12 months). Shake well before use. Do not...
from Rs.1,795
Daler Rowney Matt Varnish 75 ml
Modern matt varnish is a non-yellowing topcoat varnish which should only be used on an oil painting which has been allowed to dry for 6 months. It can generally be mixed with artists gloss varnish to give a range of...
Daler Rowney Alkyd Flow Medium 75 ml
Alkyd Flow Medium when mixed with oil paints it will increase their transparency and flow, allowing the paint to be brushed out more smoothly. It will also reduce the overall drying time of the colours it is mixed with.
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Daler Rowney Purified Linseed Oil ( 4 sizes )
Purified linseed oil which reduces the consistency of oil colour and slows down drying time to painting medium which is an all-purpose painting medium that dries to a tough elastic film. Directions: Mix with oil paints until desired consistency.
from Rs.1,350
Winsor & Newton Artists painting Medium 75 ml
A slow drying, gloss medium which is ideal for fine detail work, glazing and smoothly blended areas with no brush marks. Reduces consistency & improves flow. Suitable for oiling out & enriching dull patches. Resistant to yellowing.
Winsor & Newton English Distilled Turpentine 250 ml Bottle
Fast evaporating, highly refined essential oil Strongest thinning and brush cleaning power of all artists’ grade solventsSuitable for removing varnish (including dammar varnish),  do not use if it has thickenedKeep tightly closed and away from light to prevent oxidation
Winsor & Newton Liquin Light Gel Medium, 75 ml & 250 ml
Liquin Light Gel Medium . This quick drying gloss medium offers a slight gel that brushes out smoothly and is ideal for artists looking for a non-drip effect when mixed with color. Speeds drying (touch dry in 1-6 days depending...
from Rs.2,175
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