Pentel Poster Color 30 ml
* High-quality advertising pigments, product quality have reached international standards, by professionals of all ages * Glass bottles, each bottles 30 ml. * Containing coloured plastic powder, pure texture, addition moderate glue. * Writing and painting are suitable
from Rs.385
Winsor & Newton Cotman Water Color Tube 21 ml Tube
Our popular Cotman Water Colors come in 21 ml size and 40 colors. They are affordable but uncompromising on quality with excellent tinting strength. 
Faber Castell Classic Color Pencil Set ( 5 sizes )
The classic wooden barrel pencils: the coloured pencils in a standard size and hexagonal shape. They feature vivid colours and a special bonding process to make them break resistant. The classic coloured pencils are available in up to 60 diffrent...
from Rs.900
Water Color Pad 300 gr , 12 Sheet
Keep Smiling watercolor pad cold pressed cellulose thick grain 300gsm paper. Perfect for all watercolors techniques.
from Rs.595
The Color Company Water Color Cake Set ( 4 sizes )
Solid watercolor cake painting Set with bright pigments suited for students and artidsts.
from Rs.1,000
H & S Art Masking Fluid 50ml ( local )
Art masking fluid is a pigmented liquid composed  of rubber latex and pigment for masking areas of work needing protection when color is applied in broad washes.
Schmincke Aqua Bronze Powder ( 5 colors )
  • Rich Gold
  • Rich Pale Gold
  • Pale Gold
  • Copper
  • + 1
Schmincke Aqua Bronze Powder ( 5 colors )
Genuine Artists´ Bronzes, Series 15, are formulated based on real metal pigments for painting techniques in oil, acrylic, water-colour/Gouache colours. 5 colours are available: rich gold, rich pale gold, pale gold, copper and silver. Schmincke Genuine Artists' Bronzes contain bronze or aluminium pigments....
  • Rich Gold
  • Rich Pale Gold
  • Pale Gold
  • Copper
  • + 1
Pelikan Water Color Paint Box Transparent Set of 12 & 24
For experienced water-color painters and students alike. Pelikan water-color paint box offers premium quality at economical prices for artists, hobby painters or pupils. Attracts with outstanding design, elaborate packaging, and high-grade interior. Selected, fine-grain quality pigments. Pure, transparent shades with...
from Rs.3,500
Mungyo Professional Water Color Cake Set of 12 , 24 & 48
 Comes in convenient and luxurious metal case with two fold-out palette   Perfect gift for professional Painter   Lightfast and vibrant colors
from Rs.2,950
Sold Out
Rubina Synthetic Hair Flat Brush Set of 8 pc
Painting brush set of 8 flat brushes with synthetic hard bristle hair
Sakura Koi Water Color Cake Set ( 8 types )
Transparent water colors in travel kit. Specially formulated half-pan watercolors blend easily creating an endless color range. Portable kit slips easily into a shirt or jacket pocket. A divided snap lid cover serves as a palette. A snap lid acts...
from Rs.1,700
Superior Starry Metallic Water Colors , Set of 5 and 8
8 Starry Colors - Artist grade vivid colors, white gold, light gold, blue gold, yellow gold, real gold, red gold, bronze gold, black gold, Including 1 Water Brush, ideal for shimmer effect and highlighting. Portable and Reusable - Each watercolor...
from Rs.1,200
Keep Smiling Water Color Pad 160 gr , 24 sheet
Keep Smiling watercolor pad cold pressed cellulose thick grain 160gsm paper. Perfect for all watercolors techniques.
from Rs.450
Cotman Water Color Cake Set (Set of 24 Half Pan)
The Cotman Painting PLUS is comprehensive and practical in size, making it suitable for studio or outdoor painting. The Painting PLUS is the ultimate in versatility - it can accommodate both 8ml tubes and half pans, using the PLUS cartridge...
Cotman Water Color Cake Set (Set of 12 Half Pan)
This popular pocket-sized plastic box features an integral mixing palette in the lid and contains: 1 x Pocket brush, 12 x Cotman Water Color half pans
Sakura Opaque Water Color Tube Set , 5 ml tubes
Semi-transparent water colors in 5ml laminated tube. Transparent effect and opaque effect or both effects are available by adjusting the volume of water. The colors react very smoothly to water. Perfect for a smooth graduation, color extension and mixing. Bright...
from Rs.1,150
Sold Out
M & G Water Soluble Color Pencil Set of 48 (M&G)
M & G Water Soluble Water Color Pencils in bright and smooth colors in exquisite tin pack for easy storage. Can be used dry and wet. Light weight with an easy grip 6 sided design.
Arches Watercolor Pad Rough Grain, 300 gr, 12 sheets
Arches are ideal for watercolor and other wet media, they are hand inspected to ensure consistency & durability. once you have tried them, you will see why they are one of the best selling watercolor papers in the world! Ideal...
from Rs.6,500
Keep Smile Water Color Tube Set, 12 x 12 ml Tubes
Keep smiling watercolor is a student grade quality watercolor, good for beginners, amateurs and hobbyists.
Nevskaya Palitra St. Petersburg, White Nights , Extra Fine Artist Studio GRANULATION Water Color Paint Set of 12 X 2.5 ml pans in Plastic Box
All paints in this series consist of two to three pigments that have different particle sizes and specific gravity. These colours fascinate by the movement of pigments in water. Most interestingly they show their extraordinary character in wet work, when...
Sold Out
T-Prime Water Color Tube Set , 15ml Tubes , (Set of 12 & 32)
Titi artists water colors have fine quality pigment and excellent transparency. Clear Blending of Colors.
from Rs.1,750
Portable Palette Water Color Cake Set
From professional artists to hobbyists and beginners, Portable Watercolor Kits come with everything needed to create on the go.
from Rs.1,250
Gansai Tambi Gold Starry Water Color Set, Kuretake
Traditional Japanese solid watercolors for professional artists and crafters. They are ideal for sketching, illustration, sumi-e and more! By using original colors instead of mixing with other colors, the colors obtain a higher brilliance.
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