Cretacolor White Pastel Pencil ( Chalk ) for Drawing and Sketching
White chalk is ideal for combining with chalk and coal as well as with red chalk and sepia. By working in and blurring, color tones can be brightened. Available in two hardnesses. 
Cretacolor Artist Material Sharpener
With the artist material Spitzer we guarantee you more pleasure in working with chalk pens. The simple re-shaping of exact tips ensures a fine line with which details can be worked out.
Cretacolor Hard Pastel Set ( 5 Types )
The color ranges for the Starter, Nature, Portrait. Brown and Grey sets feature the colors most appropriate to these themes. Each set contains 12 assorted pastels. Ideal for students and beginners.
Cretacolor Tattoo Drawing Sketching Marker Set
Cretacolor®-Content: Cleos Fine Art Graphite Pencil, HB, B, 9B, Nero Pencil, extra soft, soft, medium hard, extra hard, Copying Pencil, graphite, medium, Twin Tip-Pencil, Non-Photo blue/Nero medium. MOLOTOWTM-Content: Blackliner, permanent, 1.0 & 0.5 mm, Aqua Color Brush, vermilion + KUM®...
Cretacolor Drawing Crockle Nib and Holder
Nib Holder with a clamping lever mechanism for easy handling. No risk of injury when inserting. No bending of the fine Nib.
Cretacolor Art Sticks Large. ( Pastel )
Whether you prefer working with Sepia or Sanguine these extra-wide artistsÕ sticks guarantee a top quality, intensely rich stroke thanks to their high degree of pigmentation. They are extremely well suited not only for sketching and drawing but also for...
Cretacolor Sepia light and dark Charcoal Pencil
Sepia light and dark is ideal for combining with chalk and charcoal. Available in medium hardness.
Cretacolor Carre Pastel Stick, Gold Silver
Brilliant colors and exceptional lightfastness are the hallmarks of fine pastels Ð these hard pastels feature both in an array of luminous shades. Use on edge for broad, sweeping strokes or on the corners for fine detail. Highly pigmented, water-soluble,...
Cretacolor Pencil Holder Wrap Pouch for 48 pc
Cretacolor roll-up roll-up pencil case with 48 elements is the perfect solution to organize your accessories. In addition, a traditional zippered pencil case is attached. We connect both pencil cases with Velcro. Approximate dimensions: 72 x 20 cm.
Cretacolor Artist Eraser Caramel, Kneedable Putty Eraser
Thanks to its high absorption capacity, this artist eraser is ideal for removing and smudging on charcoal drawings, graphite and dry artist material. Erasing without pressure on the surface of the paper is easily possible.
Cretacolor Putty Kneaded Eraser ( Plasticine )
The extra-soft kneading rubber is essential for lightening or correcting chalk, charcoal or graphite work. By dabbing and wiping vigorously, he absorbs the dust into his mass while protecting the drawing paper. Dirty parts can simply be plucked out. The kneading rubber can...
Cretacolor Calligraphy Ink 30 ml (Black)
Traditional, deep black ink for the finest calligraphic work. Non-fading, slightly shiny and of permanent brilliance. Excellent for working with brush and pen.
Cretacolor Black Chalk Pastel Pencil (Charcoal)
Cretacolor Black chalk is suitable for sketching and execution. Can also be painted with water and optimally combined with red chalk, sepia and other chalk products. Available in medium hardness. 
Mega Color Artists Pencil, Permanent WHITE ( Charcoal )
Mega Color pencil can produce bold strokes for intense large-scale application or refined lines for detail work. The secret behind Creatacolor Mega Color Pencils is a highly pigmented 6.4mm-diameter lead core. The core of the lead is glued within the...
Cretacolor 3 Point Drawing Pin
3 Pronged Silk Pins. Flat headed for fixing silk
Cretacolor Chunky Charcoal (49500)
An extra-thick artificial charcoal that gives off an extremely smooth, deep black and above all a broad smear and is particularly comfortable to hold due to its size. It is ideal for large-format nude drawings, sketches and works of art...
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Cretacolor Nero Drawing Pencil ( 5 Degrees )
Nero is characterized by a glossy black smear. Waterproof and non-smudge thanks to the fat content it contains. Available in five hardnesses. 
Cretacolor Artist Studio Graphite Drawing SketchingPencil Set of 12 in Cardboard Box
12-pieces Graphite Pencil Set, exact grading, highly break-resistant, easy to sharpen. Perfect for sketching and drawing. Content: 6B, 4B, 3B, 2B, B, 2x HB, F, H, 2H, 3H and 4H.
Cretacolor Urban Drawing Sketching Marker Set
Cretacolor®-Content: Cleos Fine Art Graphite Pencil, 2H, 2B, 4B, Monolith Graphite Pencil, 6B, Graphite Aquarell Pencil, 8B, Marino Watercolor Pencil, cadmium citron, permanent red dark, prussian blue, Calligraphy Twin Fibretip Pen, brown, black, Nero Pencil, extra soft, soft, medium, White Chalk...
Cretacolor Artist Studio Soft Pastel Set of 12
Using the finest artists pigments, our water-soluble soft pastels offer an exceptional hight quality for professionals, students and hobby artists. Our sticks have a soft, smooth and uniform texture, providing bright colors. Fixative is recommended upon completion.
Cretacolor Aqua graph Watercolor Colored Drawing Sketching Graphite Pocket Set of 6 in Tin Box
High quality water-soluble fine art graphite pencils with color accent, rich and soft stroke, for strong watercolor highlights in graphite drawings. Techniques: spraying, watercolor highlights in graphite, Mixed Media – dry and wet. Content: 3 Aqua Graph in red, blue...
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Cretacolor Cleos - Fine Art Graphite Pencil Set
The 20 gradations of the high-quality graphite pencil cover the application area of graphics, design, art and architecture. Guaranteed unbreakable and easy to sharpen. Available in grades 9B-9H - see table. Dimensions: hexagonal, 2.2 - 2.8 mm lead, 6.9 mm...
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