Pentel Poster Color 30 ml
* High-quality advertising pigments, product quality have reached international standards, by professionals of all ages * Glass bottles, each bottles 30 ml. * Containing coloured plastic powder, pure texture, addition moderate glue. * Writing and painting are suitable
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Pentel Retractable Clic Eraser
Retractable Clic Eraser with rectangular shape barrel
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Pentel Clutch Pencil , E Sharp , 0.5 mm
Lead Maximizerª lead system offers more use than ever from each lead piece. Continuous lead feed mechanism mechanically propels reserve lead into sleeve, saving time and lead
Clutch Pencil , Fiesta , 0.5 mm & 0.7 mm
Slim, lightweight barrel features ridges for writing control. Vivid barrel colors add a festive touch. Lead retracts completely into pencil tip to protect pockets, purses and backpacks
Pentel Arts Color Pen ( Marker Set )
Durable, fiber-tip produces radiant fine lines Intense, water-based ink is ideal for a variety of applications, including adult coloring books Snap-fit cap prevents dry-out Ideal for everyday drawing, coloring and writing Certified AP by The Art & Creative Materials Institute...
from Rs.700
Pentel Hi Polymer Eraser ( Ex large size )
The eraser that’s bigger than all the rest! High-quality, latex-free eraser removes lead easily and cleanly with very little pressure No smudges, no paper tears and no ghosting Can be cut into smaller shapes of any kind Doesn’t harden or...
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