William Mitchell Calligraphy and Drawing Acrylic Ink 30 ml
Our acrylic based calligraphy and drawing inks are suitable for all William Mitchell and Joseph Gillott nibs. Available in 30ml bottles, with a pipette for accurate application.
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William Mitchell Round Hand Dip Nib Pen Set ( Calligraphy )
The William Mitchell Round Hand nib is one the classic tools for calligraphy. Available in a set of 10 different sizes, our pen nibs have very fine graduations of width. They are ideal for many lettering styles for both professional...
William Mitchell Mapping Dip Pens ( Calligraphy )
Superior range of Joseph Gillott drawing and mapping nibs are world renowned by calligraphers for extra fine writing and by artists for drawing, sketching, mapping and cartooning.
William Mitchell Drawing Dip Pens ( Calligraphy )
 The Joseph Gillott range of fine art drawing nibs are available in 8 sizes that are suitable for Copperplate calligraphy, ink sketching, mapping and drawing. The set includes a pen holder and a nib storage box.
William Mitchell Italic Dip Pens ( Calligraphy )
A chisel point nib ideally suited for Italic handwriting and other calligraphy styles, such as Gothic and Uncial is a slightly firmer nib then our Round Hand. Available in five sizes 0.5mm, 0.75mm, 1.0mm, 1.25mm and 1.5mm nib widths. When...
William Mitchell Script Calligraphy Set ( Arabic )
Script lettering set consisting of 3 calligraphy pens , 8 colored cartridges , 4 black cartridges and an ink converter for bottled ink . Includes a guide to calligraphy instruction manuel.
William Mitchell Calligraphy Pen Gift Set
Calligraphy Gift set that consists of four complete fountain/ cartridges pens with 0.9, 1.2, 1.4 and 2.1mm smooth writing nibs. 8 assorted colored ink cartridges and ink converter for use with bottled ink. Includes a guide to calligraphy instruction manual...
William Mitchell Calligraphy Starter Pen Set
The new William Mitchell three nib Calligraphy Starter Set is the ideal introduction to calligraphy for beginners. Its smooth writing nibs in 1.2mm, 1.4mm and 1.8mm are ideal for most popular writing styles including Italic, Roman Round Hand and Uncial,...
William Mitchell Calligraphy Selection Nib Set
Our William Mitchell Calligraphy Selection includes a variety of nibs for Italic, Scroll, Copperplate and general writing. It also includes our Post Office nib and Witch Pen for writing on uneven surfaces. Includes our multipurpose pen holder and a magnet.
William Mitchell Calligraphy Artist Selection Nib Set
The Joseph Gillott range of drawing and mapping nibs are ideal for sketching, drawing and Copperplate. This box set of 11 nibs includes one Mapping and one Drawing pen holder and a magnet.
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