BlueBird White Modelling Paste ( 3 sizes )

Blue Bird
BB MP 125
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Acrylic Color

100% acrylic based and marble dust putty to build texture on rigid supports and create 3D forms. Dries to a very hard stone like white matte finish that you can sand, drill or carve.


Used to create raised images with stencils
Ideal for Thick applications
Ideal for use on flexible surfaces without cracking
Can be overpainted with acrylics, oils, watercolors, graphite or dry pastels.

Use on supports only
Apply with knife or tool
Ensure paste is completely dry before sanding, carving or drilling into.
To make an absorbent ground, mix 1 part Modeling Paste to 3 parts Bluebird Gesso, apply with a roller, leave to dry, sand smooth and repeat if needed.
Curing Time: 48 hours

Do not use with any non-acrylic compatible media
Drying too quickly will (not structural) cracks
Do not use on flexible supports unless mixed with another medium

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