Somerset Velvet ' Buff ' Print Making Water Color Paper

SVB 250
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Water Color Paper

Somerset® is a world leading traditional printmaking paper. Mold made from 100% cotton to high archival standards.

The surface has a gentle texture, soft and good-tempered nature, and is a strong and stable enough sheet to ensure excellent printing. It remains flat after printing and offers durability and long life to finished editions of work. It is available in eight highly lightfast colors that reach a minimum of 7 on the Blue Wool Scale.

Somerset® is an elegant and hardworking printmaking perfect for limited edition prints. Manufacture: Cylinder mold made
Ingredients: 100% cotton
Longevity: Acid free & archival
Calcium carbonate buffered pH 7-9
Characteristics: Internally sized
4 deckle edges (two natural, two torn by hand, unless stated otherwise)
Natural woolen felt textured
Authenticity: Watermarks bearing the name Somerset appear twice (on most sheets)
Grain Direction: Long Grain

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Somerset Velvet ' Buff ' Print Making Water Color Paper
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