Faber Castell TK System A3 Drawing Board

Faber Castell
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Drawing Board

Faber-Castell drawing boards are made of top-quality plastic materials which are impact and break-resistant and highly rugged so that they cannot be damaged by compass needles. The quick release paper clamp is super-strong and, thus, able to hold several sheets of paper securely. Moveable parallel rulers and drawing heads with adjustable angles allow precise drawing of parallel lines and angles.
Double Guide grooves for particularly smooth operation of the parallel ruler.
The paper clamp bar grips one or more sheets firmly, easy to release and reclaim.
The parallel ruler can be operated at any position. Also Ideal for left-handers.
Parallel ruler with one-handed double-locking mechanism.
Broad paper clamp to hold the paper securely.
Helpful scales on the board and the parallel ruler.
Ruler with 7¡ and 42¡ lines for isometric drawings.
Scale for setting compasses, with hole for the poin.t
STOP / GO traffic light indicator.
Finger lift on both sides of the parallel ruler.
Stop at each end of the guide grooves.
Made of impact-proof and break-resistant plastic.
Lightweight and extra stable.
Non-slip rubber feet on the underside for a secure hold on the work surface.

Faber Castell TK System A3 Drawing Board
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