Gum Arabic, H & S 120ml
A pale colored solution that controls the spread of wet color, reduces staining & slows drying. Also increases gloss & transparency. Dilute with water as required.
H & S Art Masking Fluid 50ml ( local )
Art masking fluid is a pigmented liquid composed  of rubber latex and pigment for masking areas of work needing protection when color is applied in broad washes.
H & S Gesso Primer Local ( 2 sizes )
Primer can be used as a base for both oil and acrylic projects. Directions: Apply a thin layer to the desired surface, let the Gesso fully dry prior to applying paint.
from Rs.375
Silk Paint Seta Silk 70 ml
Seta silk is a thin flow able water based paint. Technically this is a paint, but a paint so thin it acts very much like a dye. For silk and all natural untreated fabrics.
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