Marabu Alcohol Ink , 20 ml
Create stunning works of art on a variety of surfaces with vibrant and versatile alcohol inks. Use the wide range of dye-based colors on their own or blend the inks together for infinitely creative possibilities. Our uniquely magical Rainbow and...
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Marabu Chalky Chic Crackle Medium 250 ml
Clear, water-based medium for crackle technique.
Marabu Fashion Liner 25 ml
Textile paint in a water-based liner, odorless and lightfast. Color-intensive, matt shades and noble shimmering effects, soft feel. For textiles up to max. 20% synthetic fibers. Washable up to 40 ° C after fixation. Ideal for decorations and fonts.
Marabu Fashion Shimmer Sprays
Effect textile spray paint, water-based, odorless and lightfast, sparkling shimmer colors, soft handle. Particularly beautiful shimmer effect on dark textiles (max. 20% synthetic fibers). Washable up to 40 ° C after fixation. Ideal for free spraying, stenciling and many other techniques.
Marabu Photo Transfer Medium
Printed motifs,Êphotos, lettering etc can be transferred to a variety of surfaces withÊPhoto Transfer Medium. After a drying time of 12 hours (or 8 minutes with a hair dryer), simply moisten and rub off the paper, leaving the transferred design.
Marabu Relief Paste ( Lead Tube for Glass Color ) 20 ml
Clear contours, great effects. Dishwasher-safe without firing. Just paint, leave to dry, done! Wide range of colours for effective decorations. Easy applications from the tube. Versatile use: On glass and porcelain, for outline painting or stencilling. Water-based, odourless and non-fading....
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  • Copper
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Silk Gutta (Contours and Effects) Marabu Outliner 25 ml
Water-based contouring agent for painting contours and effects on silk in combination with silk. The colored contours & effects are washable and cleanable after fixing. The colorless contour agent is washed out after fixation. For application directly from the liner container, with a...
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Silk Paint Marabu 50 ml
Water-based silk paint, fixed by ironing. For all techniques of silk painting and for all silk qualities as well as thin cotton fabrics. Brilliant, intensive colors. Soft to the touch and very good flow properties. Washable and suitable for dry...
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